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Hareline Dubbin Fly Fishing Quick Set Epoxy Price from 5.89 € View products

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Hareline Dubbin Fine Black Barred Marabou
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4.42 €     7.56 €
Hareline Dubbin Hareline Dubbin
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1.60 €     2.29 €
FMFly Hen Capes
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1.11 €     2.20 €
Scierra Scierra Trout Net
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8.89 €     16.67 €
Hareline Dubbin
Hareline Dubbin
Hareline Dubbin was founded in 1981 by Bob and Nelda Borden. It has grown from the kitchen stove top with 12 colors of Hareline Dubbin to a 15,000 square foot facility with thousands of fly tying products ready to deliver. We do our best to give our dealers the best quality products and quickest delivery in the industry. Hareline has had over 20 years experience delivering fly tying materials throughout the world.

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