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23% OFF Ryobi! Newest Daiwa 24 Certate reels!

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Are you looking for a new rod or reel? Be sure to check out our Big Deals up to -20%!

All Ryobi reels 23% cheaper!

All Dorado lures 20% cheaper!

Selected Daiwa rods and reels 18% cheaper!

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Fly Fishing Zone

The British company Partridge of Redditch has been an innovator and leader in the production of fly hooks since the beginning of its existence. Only now you can buy all Partridge of Redditch hooks20% cheaper!

The discount campaign is valid from 01.02.2024 to 15.02.2024 at 23:59.

New Products

The latest Japanese Daiwa Certate 2024 reels are now available in our offer! The legendary Certate reel series has just reached an even higher level.

Additionally, from Daiwa we have the latest baitcasting reels 23 Tatula TW 100 and Daiwa N'ZON Super Slim Feeder rods!

You can never have enough effective Japanese lures, so we have expanded the Duel brand offer with new series of lures!

DUEL Hardcore Monster Shot Sinking

DUEL Hardcore MID Diver Floating

DUEL Hardcore Shallow Runner Floating

DUEL Hardcore Heavy Shot Sinking

DUEL L-Blue Spit Pop Floating

DUEL L-Blue One Knock Pencil Floating

DUEL L-Blue Bubble Jet Floating

DUEL L-Blue Spit Pencil Floating

DUEL L-Blue Fix Minnow Sinking

DUEL L-Blue Twitchbait Sinking

DUEL Hardcore LG Minnow Floating

DUEL Hardcore Heavy Minnow

We have new soft baits from the French brand Delalande for the 2024 season! In the coming weeks, you can expect an expansion of the Delalande lures offer in our online store.

Delalande Zand Curly Pre Rigged

Delalande Zand Curly

Delalande Flying Fish

Delalande Swat Shad

Delalande Chabot

Delalande Zand Fat Shad

More new hard lures from Illex are now available! Tricoroll GT 72 DR-F, as we are talking about them, are intended for fishing for large trout and asp on medium-sized rivers, but they will also work well for fishing for perch from the bank!

New products for 2024 from the Scandinavian brand Guideline are now available in our offer! There are new fly rods, reels, caps and preparations.

Guideline Elevation Brook

Guideline Elevation Nymph

Guideline NOVA - Stardust

Guideline NOVA - Black

Guideline River Cap - Pumpkin

Guideline Camper Cap - Dark Grey

Guideline Black Gnat Beanie

Guideline High N Dry Fly Line Dressing

Guideline High N Dry Paste Floatant

The Swedish brand Zalt, previously associated with hard lures for pike, has introduced interesting soft baits Zalt Zhad, which will certainly be great for catching the largest pikes!


Shimano Vanquish FC 23'

Preston Centris NT

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