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-23% on all Ryobi reels! New products Illex, Rapala, Osmo!

Big Deals

Are you looking for a new rod or reel? Be sure to check out our Big Deals up to -23%!

All Ryobi reels 23% cheaper!

All Manyfik lures 20% cheaper!

Selected Daiwa rods and reels 18% cheaper!

-18% on all Savage Gear rods!

Dragon rods and reels with a 18% discount!

All rods from the Jaxon offer -18%!

The discount campaign is valid from 22.02.2024 to 07.03.2024 at 23:59.

Westin W2 promo

Only now when you buy the latest Westin W2 rods you will receive a set of 12 Dragon soft baits FREE!

The discount campaign is valid until promotional sets last!

Fly Fishing Zone

Dohiku is a brand specializing in the highest quality competition fly hooks used by the best competitors from around the world
Only now you can buy all Dohiku hooks 20% cheaper!

The discount campaign is valid from 29.02.2024 to 14.03.2024 at 23:59.

New Products

More new Illex products from the 2024 offer are now available! These include excellent lures, soft baits, spoons and even mouse imitations.
Particularly noteworthy are the innovative Driftfry soft lures equipped with a rubber lip, which gives the lure unique action. In addition to new series, it is worth checking out older models, because you will also find new colors there!

Illex Dowz Swimmer 220 SF

Illex Driftfry Mellow 5.2 cala

Illex RV Driftfry 3 cale

Illex Aska 60 SR

Illex Tricoroll VIB

Illex Twitch Flesh 67 D2R

Illex Soul Flat 58SF

Illex Tricoroll Spoon

Illex MoMouse

The first new Rapala lures from the 2024 offer are now available in our online store!

Rapala Precision Xtreme Mavrik

Rapala Precision Xtreme Mavrik Saltwater

Rapala X-Light Minnow

Rapala Super Shadow Rap Glide

Jaxon offer now includes Holo Select Bolas asp lures and new boxes for baits and fishing accessories!

Jaxon Holo Select Bolas

Jaxon S-line 120B

Jaxon S-line 120A

Jaxon S-Line RM-117

Jaxon S-Line RM-111

Jaxon S-Line RM-112

Jaxon S-Line RM-119

Jaxon S-Line RM-116

Jaxon S-Line RM-114

Jaxon S-Line RM-118

Jaxon S-Line RM-113

Jaxon S-Line RM-115

New spinners, chatterbaits and poppers from SPRO now available!

SPRO Splash Spinner

SPRO IRIS Thrillseeker XL


The latest method feeder baits from Dragon are now in our warehouse!
New Magnum worms baits in the recently popular "worm" shape are available in three versions: wafters, pop-up and sinking. Also worthy of attention are the latest Magnum H6 wafters, which have been prepared especially for a rubber band leader, with a recess designed to hide the attachment as much as possible.
All Dragon Magnum feeder baits are available in 17 proven flavors!

Dragon Magnum Worms Pop-Up

Dragon Magnum Worms Sinking

Dragon Magnum Worms Wafters

Dragon Magnum H6 Wafters

From March 1, our offer will include the latest Match Method Wafters and Method Mixes from OSMO! This is definitely one of the most interesting premieres of 2024 in the Method Feeder category. We recommend!

Osmo Match Method Wafters 6mm - Fluoro Toby

Osmo Match Method Wafters 6mm - Orange Flame

Osmo Match Method Wafters 6mm - White Ghost

Osmo Match Method Wafters 6mm - Yellow Storm

Osmo Match Method Wafters 6mm - Washout Yummy

Osmo Match Method Wafters

Osmo Method Mix Match

Osmo Method Mix Green

Osmo Method Mix Sweet Gold

The offer of the Scandinavian fly tying brand Guideline includes new backpacks, chest bag systems and running lines.

Guideline ULBC Daypack 25

Guideline Experience Multi Harness

Guideline Compline PRO



Simms Guide Vest Steel





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