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Big Deal-20%: DAM Quick Reels, Strike King Lures, Semperfli Fly Tying Materials!

Special Offer

Best deals with Fishing-Mart!

A series of promotions in our web shop.
Every week, we will prepare short promotional campaigns for the readers of our newsletter.

This week we have a 20% discount for you on:

• All DAM Quick Reels
• All Strike King Lures
• All Semperfli Fly Tying Materials

This year, the Semperfli brand received the prestigious Queen's Award for Entrepreneurship in the International Trade category!

The -20% promotion is valid from 06.05.2022 to 09.05.2022 until 24:00.

New Products

We are happy to present you another Japanese brand in our offer - Nories. Nories lures always impress with the highest quality and sophisticated design. For trout anglers we have excellent Masukuroto spoons, which have been designed for special fisheries such as Trout Area.

Masukuroto Tulle 1.8g Spoons

Masukuroto Tulle 1.4g Spoons

Masukuroto Sofia 1.6g Spoons

Masukuroto Sofia 1.2g Spoons

Masukuroto Rooney 2.8g Spoons

Masukuroto Rooney 2.2g Spoons

Masukuroto Rooney 1.8g Spoons

Masukuroto Rooney 1.5g Spoons

Masukuroto LD Spoons

Masukuroto Spoons

Masukuroto Weeper 0.9g Spoons

Masukuroto Weeper 1.5g Spoons

New Savage Gear sea lures in our warehouse!

Jig Pencil Micro Sea Lures

Micro Skipper Sea Lures

Flatline TG Sea Lures

Swimsquid Inchiku Sea Lures

UV Needle Jig Sea Lures

Cast Hacker Sea Lures

From SPRO we have a new series of Ikiru Twitch 100SUS LL twitch lures. Available in super attractive colors, they will be perfect for both freshwater and saltwater predators.

From Preston Innovations we have new rod models from the Ascension Feeder series. Additionally, in our offer you will find more landing nets and pults from this manufacturer.

Ascension Feeder Rods

Latex Carp Landing Net Head

Pellet Pult


Mepps Spinners and Spoons

Savage Gear clothes

Power Pro Braided lines

Dragon Fishmaker C.R.C. Evo.1 Rods

Manyfik Lures

Dynamite Baits products

Sebastian Bilka

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