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Daiwa reels, new Polish lures and many new products 2021

New products

We are starting this year's first newsletter with the newest series of Daiwa 2021 reels, which we present below.

Daiwa Airity LT Reels

Daiwa Legalis LT Reels

Daiwa Fuego LT Reels

A novelty in our offer are Fishtank lures which are designed by Mr. Radosław Zaworski, who together with Mr. Piotr Piskorski was a co-founder and ran the world-famous Salmo company for many years. At the moment, two series of jerkbaits are available, while the next series of lures will be successively added to the offer. We look forward to seeing this new brand develop.

From FOX we have a new carp bivvies from the Frontier series.

FOX Frontier X Bivvy

FOX Frontier XD Bivvy

For all Salmo fans we have a new 11cm size of the Rattlin Slider lures.

From the Serbian brand Goldy we have their latest Kingfisher hard lure, which is available in 4.5 cm and a floating and sinking version. Kingfisher lures are recommended for trout, perch, chub and asp.

From Illex we have a new series of Rerange 110 SP MR lures and new colors in the Rerange 130 SP series.

Illex Rerange 110 SP MR

Illex Rerange 130 SP

We have expanded the offer of Japanese Reins soft lures with many interesting items, including a new colors among the super effective the Rockvibe Shad sof bait.

Reins Kick TrickS Soft Baits

Reins AX Craw Soft Baits

Reins Aji Ringer Soft Baits

Rockvibe Shad Soft Baits

new colors

Reins Maxi AX Craw Soft Baits

new colors

We have the following products from Rapala.

Splash Trucker Caps

Tool Belt Combo

Rapala Trash Tub Magnet

From the Swedish Headbanger we have the newest Blue Shad colour in the Headbanger Shad 11cm series.


Westin Swim Glidebait

Mepps Spinners and Spoons


Major Craft Braided lines

Spro Iris Hard Lures

Imago Lures

Special prices

Intensa GTX X-Cross Tele Feeder Rods 3.60m 40-100g

Price from 19.55 Eur

X-16000 Waist Wader Boot Foot Cleated 40/41-6/7

for 113.64 Eur

Imax Ocean Thermo Smock Jackets

for 36.36 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka