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Daiwa Rods 2021, new Japanese brand Jackson

New products

We start this news with the latest Daiwa spinning rods from the 2021 range. We have Team Daiwa Trout Area Commander rods for trout and perch fishing and the Fuego Camo series with a wide range of models for various fishing methods.

Team Daiwa Trout Area Commander Rods

Fuego Camo Spin Rods

Fuego Camo Jiggerspin Rods

We have expanded the offer of the Westin brand with many products in the following groups:

Spinning Rods

Casting Rods

Sea Rods


Winter Suits

Floatation Suits



Rod cases

We have extended the offer of our store with the excellent Japanese brand Jackson. A lot of wobblers and soft lures, as well as fishing rods have arrived.

For fly fishermen, we have new products from the world-famous competitiveHanakbrand.

Hanak Czech Nymph X Rods

Hanak Stillwater X Rods

Hanak Czech Nymph X Reels

Hanak Stealth Camou Intermediate

Hanak Superlight SLT 03 F

Hanak H45XH Jig Superb Trophy


Westin lures
Akara wobblers

Sakura lures

Dorado wobblers

Salmo lures

Kenart wobblers

Special prices

Gunki Reinbo Rods L-ML 2.10m 1.5-7g

for 51.11 Eur

Thermo Suit Imax Atlantic Challenge -40 3 pcs

price from 181.11 Eur, different sizes

ARX-20 ICE Thermo Suit

price from 84.44 Eur, different sizes

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka