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Delivery rods Dragon, news Molix, Stonfo

New Products

We start this news with the delivery of Dragon rods, which include new products from the offer for 2021.

Rods NanoLITE EVO Air

Rods Team Dragon Stealth

Limited series 2021

Rods Big Bait

The offer of Italian brand Molix lures has been extended with new series and colors.

Audace 130 Hard Lures

Finder Jerk 150 DLS Hard Lures

Jubar Smart Hard Lures

Jugulo Jerk 140LC Hard Lures

Jugulo Jerk 180LC Hard Lures

RT Fork Flex Soft baits

SB 117 Stick Bait Tuna Lures

Audace Hard Lures

new colors

Finder Jerk 110 Hard Lures

new colors

Jubar Hard Lures

new colors

Sculpo DR Rattlin Hard Lures

new colors

New colors have appeared in several series of Japanese Duel lures.

Hardcore Popper 70F

Hardcore Shad SR 60SF

Hardcore Minnow Flat

The offer of pellets and boilies has been expanded by several new items from Dynamite Baits and Massive Baits.

Fluoro Pop Up Robin Red

Fluro Pop-Ups

new flavors

Vario Mixed Pellets

new packs of 3 kg

For fly fishing fans we have new tools and accessories from the Italian brand Stonfo.

Elite Conical Finisher 591

Fly Patch 527

Fly Patch Elite 605

Botton Service Mini 622

Bended Bodkin 693

Elite Threader 639


Okuma Ceymar Baitfeeder Reels

Rapala Hard Lures

Japanese Major Craft braids

Siek Hard Lures

Blade baits King 18g

preparations for mosquitoes and ticks Mugga

Special Prices

Rods Flagman Thunder Max

prices from 27.27 Eur

Jaxon rigs for the Method Feeder

prices from 0.80 Eur, per package

Sensas Doux Sweet Corn with Liquid

price from 1.36 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka