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Delivery of Dynamite Baits, news Fox Rage, Simms, Mivardi

New Products

We start this news with great information for fans of Dynamite Baits products. Finally, we have received the long-awaited, first delivery of this year's products from this manufacturer!

From Savage Gear we have the new SG2 Shore Game Cork range out of the catalog.

From the distributor of the FOX Rage brand, we have received a new series of soft UV lures and several colors in other series.

Soft baits Creature Swing Ball Ultra UV Floating

Soft baits Fox Rage Zander Pro Shad

new color UV Lemontiger

Soft baits Fox Rage Pro Shad Jointed Bulk 14cm

new color UV Firetiger

Soft baits Fox Rage Pro Shad Jointed 14cm

new color Super Natural Roach

Soft baits Fox Rage Pro Shad Jointed 14cm

new color Super Natural Rainbow Trout

We have received new products from Shimano in several lines of fishing rods and lures.

Rods Norden SP Spinning

new models

Rods Sedona Spinning

new models

Sea Lures Exsence Silent Assassin

new sizes and colors

Bantam Macbeth

new colors

Bantam Rattlin Sur-Vibe

new colors

Our offer includes new products from the Simms brand - an American manufacturer of high-quality fishing clothing.

For all carp fishing enthusiasts, we have several new products from the Mivardi, Korda and FOX brands.

Mivardi Shelter Base Station

Rod Sleeves CamoCODE 165 double

Carp Monofilament Lines Exocet Distance Casting

Ready Tied Carp Rigs Spinner Rig Kurv Boom

We are gradually expanding our offer of fly fishing products. Recently we got news from Hareline, Future Fly and UNI.

Material Clamp Set

Chicones Material And Fly Prep Station

Loon Razor Scissor 4 Inch

Keough Grizzly Saddle

Mirage Flashabou

Hen Saddle

FutureFly Tube Vise

Tiny Muddler Hair

Future Fibre

Predator Flash

Axxel-Mini Flash Tinsel

UNI Thread 8/0 Waxed

new color Pumpknin Orange


Rapala products

Molix lures

Japanese Decoy hooks

Mivardi products

Kenart lures

FishUp lures

Special Prices

Dragon Spinners

prices from 0.91 Eur

Gunki Soft baits

prices from 2.27 Eur

Rapala Sling Bag Urban

for 34.09 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka