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Flagman rods and reels, Blue Fox spinners, micro lures

New products

We are starting our another fishing newsletter with FLAGMAN brand and series of feeder and spinning rods, as well as very well known feeder reels from the Sherman series.


Sherman Pro Feeder Free Spool reels

Sherman Pro Feeder reels

Cast Master Feeder rods

Sherman Pro Feeder rods

S-River Feeder rods

Squadron Pro Carp Feeder rods

Thunder Max spinning rods

Matrix spinning rods

From distributor of the Blue Fox brand we have a new series of spinners.

Vibrax Fluorescent Single Barbless spinners

Vibrax Original Single Barbless spinners

Vibrax Hot Pepper Single Barbless spinners

Salmon Super Vibrax spinners

From HMG Lures we received 4 series of micro lures for ultra light fishing and new colors in another two series.

Droop Killer Float lures

KillerEgg Pico Fat lures

KillerEgg Pico lures

PsychoBugg lures

Killer Egg Turbo

new colors

Droop Killer

new colors

From Westin we have a new smaller size of the Freddy the Frog lure, that size has been made for bass fishing.

From Daiwa we have delivery of the Cetrate LT reels which we got after 3 months. Selected models available in the old price from this year.

For all active anglers we have a new color of a modern fishing vest Traper Montana.

From FOX company we have ready to use carp rigs the Edges Wide Gape Beaked PVA Bag Rigs.

From DAM we have a big Tact-X Carp Landing Net.


Stonfo fly tying tools

Westin products

Dorado lures

Shimano Stradic FL reels

Power Pro braids

Guru products

Special prices

Drennan Hair Rigs

from 1.84 Eur, different models

Dragon NanoCORE X4 braids

from 11.36 Eur, different diameters and colors

Perchik Viber soft baits

from 2.27 Eur, selected colors and sizes

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy