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Japanese news from Decoy, news from 13 Fishing and Scierra

New Products

Recently, we have significantly expanded the offer of Japanese Decoy hooks, trebles and accessories.

We have received a new series of Vertigo Minnow soft baits from the distributor of the 13 Fishing brand.

Scierra has a new model of Yosemite Neo Chest Stockingfoot waders.

The offer of Kenart lures has been extended by a new size of Fox lures (7.5 cm) and by new colors in other series.

Hard Lures Dynamic

new colors

Hard Lures Flash

new colors

Hard Lures Winner Pro

new colors

From Dynamite Baits we have new Big Fish Sweet Tiger & Corn Pop-Ups in the size of 15 mm.

Further novelties have also appeared in the offer of fly tying materials.

Krystal Chenille

Lead Wire Halfround

Pearl Scudback

Dubbing Sparkle Dub

Lead Wire

Hen Cape


Flagman Rods

Japanese Reins lures

Match Pro lures

Japanese Shimano braids

SPRO lures

Spinmad Jigmaster lures

Special Prices

VMC rigs for the Method Feeder

prices from 1.59 Eur, for the package

HM-X Flash 2.60m 14-42g Rods

for 200.00 Eur, 129.55 Eur cheaper

Spiderwire Braided Line

prices from 21.59 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka