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Cortland fly lines, Sufix Feeder braid, Westin lures

New products

We are starting this newsletter with information about the Cortland brand. We received next big delivery and now we have 26 models of those high quality fly lines.

From Westin we have 8 new colors of their popular jerkbaits the Swim SW Glidebait in length 6.5cm and 10cm.

From Daiwa we have a carp rods the D-Carp 2300 at great price.

From Sufix we have their new the Feeder Braid, which is made of HMPE and Gore Performance fibres. Additionally, we have new diameters of fluorocarbon lines.

Plecionki Feeder Braid

Advance Fluorocarbon

From the FOX well known carp brand we have a new carp accessories.


Illex lures

Salmo lures

Mugga products

Hunter lures

HMG Lures

Hemingway fly tying products

Special prices

Gunki and Illex soft baits

different series

Guru ready rigs

different models, from 2.25 Eur

Daiwa Black Widow BR LT reels

from 46.59 Eur, different models

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy