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Big Deal -20%: Savage Gear, Wob-Art, Loon Outdoors!

Special Offer

Best deals with Fishing-Mart!

A series of promotions in our web shop.
Every week, we will prepare short promotional campaigns for the readers of our newsletter.

This week we have a 20% discount for you on:

• Savage Gear products *

• All Wob-Art lures

• All Loon Outdoors products

The -20% promotion is valid from 15.07.2022 to 18.07.2022 until 24:00.

* the promotion does not apply to Savage Gear rods and reels.

New Products

In the last large shipment of Westin products, we have received more new models of popular spinning and casting rods!

W4 MonsterStick-T 2nd Rods

W4 Vertical Jigging 2nd Rods

W4 Vertical Jigging-T QL 2nd Rods

W4 UltraStick 2nd Rods

W3 Dropshot 2nd Rods

Westin W3 StreetStick 2nd Rods

W3 LiveCast-T 2nd Rods

W3 Powerstrike-T 2nd Rods

W4 Vertical Jigging-T 2nd Rods

New flavors and sizes in the offer of Sonubaits Band'um Wafters lures now available!

For catfish enthusiasts we have a new product dedicated to active catfish fishing - Real Worm Teaser by Black Cat!


Daiwa Reels

Daiwa Black Widow Tele Carp Rods

Spinmad Lures

Dorado Lures

Oldstream spinners

FOX Carp fishing leads

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