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New Dragon reels and rods, FOX giant bivvy and japanese soft baits

New products

We are starting this fishing newsletter with new stuff from Dragon brand, we have received new series of reels and the MegaBaits rods for float and bottom methods with lead or feeder.

Protector FD500

Protector FD300


G.P. Concept FD

Sea Fighter H.D.

MegaBAITS Compact Match 25 – Float 40

MegaBAITS Mystery Bolognese

MegaBAITS Mystery Pole

MegaBAITS Compact Hunter 60, Trophy 90, Power 150

From FOX company we have their new the R Series Giant Bivvy.

PowerPro braids we no need to introduce, after a long break they back to our offer.

In addition, we have Japanese braids the Shimano Kairiki 8.

Reins this is new soft bait brand in our offer, those japanese baits are very popular in many countries!

We have added to the Relax soft baits offer 4 new series and new colors in the Kopyto 4L.

Super Banjo 3 cale

Kalifornia 3 cale

Terminator 3 cale

Bass 3 cale

Kopyto 4L - 4 cale

From Microbait we have two new series of the Colorado Beetle - recommended for chub, ide and trout.

Colorado Beetle

Great Beetle Colorado

From Molix we have two new series of jigs and new colors of their popular soft bait the RA Shad.


huge delivery of Ryobi reels

nearly 400 pieces

Cukk products

DUO japanese lures

Gloog lures

Akara lures

Match Pro products

Special prices

Ryobi Xenos

from 29.76 Eur, different sizes

Chair with armrests steel

for 55.95 Eur, less 15%


from 25.24 Eur, different series

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy