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New Dragon reels, Shimano lures, Dorado asp lure, Westin rods

New products

We are starting our weekly fishing newsletter with another new products from Dragon brand. We have reels for method feeder, model Mystery FD for float and other methods and different monofilament lines.

Reels Megabaits Method Feeder FD 500

Reels Megabaits Method Feeder HS FD800

Reels Megabaits Mystery FD

Team Dragon Match&Feeder 2020

Team Dragon Supreme 2020

Team Dragon SPINN 2020

Team Dragon INVISIBLE 2020

Momoi Shock Leader FC

We have added to spinning and casting rods sections rods well known Danish brand the Westin.

Rods W4 Powercast-T

Rods W3 Ultra Stick

Rods W3 Street Stick

Rods W3 Jerkbait

Rods W3 Powerstrike

From Dorado we have their new lures for asp the Courier, which customers of our shop can test at the first in Poland. They are already after two years of testing, now it's time for you. In addition, we have a new color in very popular Invader series.

Courier asp lure

Invader lures - new color JTR

Interesting information is delivery of Shimano lures dedicated for sea fishing, list of products below.

Lures Coltsniper Rockwalk

Lures Coltsniper Rock Pop

Lures Sephia Clinch Kaerutobi Upper

Lures Coltsniper Iwashi Rocket

Lures Ocea Sardine Waver

Lures Ocea Center Sardine

From Traper we have two new series of soft baits in very good prices.

soft baits Fire

soft baits Bad

From Lucky John we have their new soft bait the 3D Slick Shad-V. We recommended for drop shot and jigging methods.

From FishUp we have two new sizes of their the Dragonfly soft baits.

From Match Pro we have monofilament lines for match and method fishing.

Team Matchpro Match

Team Method Feeder

For carp anglers we have new products from Massive Baits, Mivardi and BaitZone.

Massive Limited Edition Boilies

Massive Top Shelf Kriller Boilies

Massive Stick Mix PVA Method Groundbait

Massive Pop Up Limited Citrus Pearl

Massive Red Monstrum Bulk Amino Liquid

Mivardi Rapid Boilies Platinum B17

BaitZone Groundbait StickMix

From Matrix we have their Horizon Feeders which are designed for accurate casting at range.


Salmo lures

Illex lures

Sakura lures

GURU Bait Strainers and Boxes

Hunter lures

Hanak fly fishing products

Special prices

VMC carp hooks

from 1.10 Eur, different models

for 33.33 Eur, different series

Trakker SLX V3 BIVVY

for 357.14 Eur, less 154.76 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy