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New fishing products 2020 Westin, Illex, Headbanger pike lures and great special prices

New products

We are starting this fishing newsletter with new Westin products for 2020. We have new series of wobblers and soft baits, as well as new sizes and colors.

Ricky the Roach Swimbait w. Lip

Jätte Crankbait

Jätte SR Crankbait

BullTeez Shadtail Bulk

ZanderTeez Shadtail Bulk

CurlTeez Curltail Bulk

Boss spoons

KickTeez ST

new size 15 cm

HypoTeez ST Eco

new size 11.5 cm

ShadTeez Slim eco

new size 5 cm

Westin Freddy the Frog Wakebait

new color Black Frog

HypoTeez Inline

new color Natural Pike

The Illex brand offer has been broadly expanded, we received new hard and soft baits.

Chubby Minnow

Squad Minnow

DD Squirrel

Deka Mitts Dry R

Chubby 38

Diving Cherry 48

Chibi Panicra DR SS

NoraCra 42 F

Mush Bob 50 MR

Cherry 10 CC

Flat Tricoroll 55 S

Diving Chubby

Water Moccassin



Baby DeraBall

Chibi Dartrun 38

I-Shad Tail

A novelty in our offer are Swedish pike lures the Headbanger. You asked about them in emails, so now they are in our fishing shop.

Headbanger Shad 11 cm

Headbanger Shad 16cm

Headbanger Shad 22cm

From DAM we have delivery of new Chub color from Effzett Strike Shad soft baits series. The Effzett Strike Shad works brilliant on both, a steady retrieve as well jigging and vertical jigging

For fly tiers we have a new models of fly hooks at great prices and new sizes in other series.

Hooks 525BL Dry Fly

Hooks 707BL Caddis Pupa & Larva

Jig Hooks 400BL Jig Nymph

new bigger sizes 4, 6, 8

Hooks 130BL Streamer

new sizes 2, 4

Hooks 523BL Dry Fly

new size 8


Savage Gear 3D Octopus

Bielik Zander lures

3D Needlefish Pulse Tail

Spinmad Jigmaster

Daiwa Sweepfire Spin

Siek Siga - asp lures

Special prices

Dragon Nano Core Spinn 15 1.98m 2-15g

for 52.50 Eur

Daiwa Lexa Jiggerspin 2.40m 7-28g

for 67.50 Eur

Shimano Catana EX Telespin 2.40m 7-21g

for 41.25 Eur

Dragon Bandit Pro

from 1.50 Eur for original package

Dragon Lunatic Pro

from 1.25 Eur for original package

Mivardi Vector Carp Mk2 2sec 3.60m 3.00lb

for 77.50 Eur

Dragon Mega Baits COMBAT Quiver Fast 2.70m 50g

for 41.25 Eur

Penn Rampage II Boat 2.28m 30lb

for 65.00 Eur

Dragon Mega Baits COMBAT Power Match 3.60m 25g

for 37.50 Eur

Team Dragon KA-11 XXL

for 27.50 Eur

SeaFox CrossFlow

for 183.75 Eur

Remington Green

for 37.50 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy