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New fishing products from Daiwa, DAM, Quantum and Jaxon

New products

We are starting this newsletter with new Daiwa reels and rods for 2020 season.

Certate LT


Cast‘izm Feeder 25 QD

Emcast BR LT

Black Widow BR LT

Crossfire LT

Regal LT

TDR Distance Feeder 25 QD

Morethan PE XHL TW

Tournament SW AGS Jiggerspin

Morethan Shad Attack

Luvias Spinning

Tatula Spinning

Tatula Baitcast

Caldia Lure

Ballistic X Spin

Ballistic X Baitcast

Ballistic X Sea Trout

Ballistic X UL Spin

Freams Spin

Exceler Spinning

Exceler UL & L Spin

Ninja X Spinning

Silver Creek Ultra Light Spin

Ninja X Jiggerspin

Ninja X SF Spin

Silver Creek UL Spoon

N‘Zon S Feeder

N‘Zon Z Feeder

Powermesh Tele Feeder

Emcast Stalker Carp

Ninja X Carp

Cast Izm Carp

Black Widow Tele Carp

Ninja X Tele Carp

Seahunter X VarioTip

Seahunter X Pilk

BG Big Game Travel

Saltist Sea Pilk

From DAM we have their reels with free spool system Quick 3 FS, Quick 3 with front drag and Base-X landing nets.

Quick 3 FS

Quick 3 FD

Base-X Landing Net

From Quantum we have new series of their new Magic Trout soft baits and lures:

Magic Trout T-Worm V-Tail

Magic Trout T-Worm I-Tail

Magic Trout T-Worm P-Tail

Magic Trout Hustle and Bustle River

Magic Trout Hustle and Bustle Lake

From Jaxon we have their new reels with free spool system and Hegemon Supra 12X braids.

Passion Free Run

Hercules Free Run

Hegemon Supra 12X Fluo

Hegemon Supra 12X

For carp anglers we have new monofilament lines from Prologic the Density Carp Mono.


Przynęty Switch Blade Minnow

Rapala Down Deep Husky Jerk

Siek Skorpion

Savage Gear 3D Needlefish Pulse Tail

Dorado Invader

Westin ShadTeez Slim

Special prices

Imax Seawave Floatation Suit

for 160.47 Eur, less 15%

Remington Demi Season Suit

for 67.44 Eur, less 34%

Remington Demi-Season Hunting Suit

for 67.44 Eur, less 44%

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy