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New items 2022 from Savage Gear, Guideline and Jaxon!

New Products

As every year, the Savage Gear brand presents a lot of new products, so we start the next news with new products from this manufacturer! New items include lures, jackets, jig heads and accessories.

Slender Scoop Shad Soft baits

Pro Grub Soft baits

NED Craw Soft baits

NED Salamander Soft baits

NED Goby Soft baits

NED Minnow Soft baits

3D Lizard Soft baits

4D Craw Soft baits

3D Armor Tube Soft baits

Coastal Race Smock

Coastal Race Jacket

Digi Scale SW 50kg

Lure Specialist Sinker

StandUp JigHead

Ball Jighead

LRF Lip Grip Alu

Light Game Lip Grip Alu

Floating Lip Grip

New series of Jaxon spinning rods have already appeared on our website and in stock. Considering their price and quality of workmanship, we bet that they have a chance to repeat the success of the Gray Stream series!

Summum Ultralight Rods

Summum Light Rods

Summum Universal Rods

Summum Strong Rods

Wild Horse Ultralight Rods

Wild Horse Light Rods

Wild Horse Universal Rods

Wild Horse Strong Rods

Wild Horse Zander Tip Rods

A new series of Westin spinning rods - W6 Vertical Jigging-T Rods - now available!

The year 2022 brings new products, also for fly fishermen we are already introducing new products from the Scandinavian fly brand, Guideline!

Fario Click Fly Reels

LPX Tactical Fly Rods

LPX Nymph Fly Rods

LPX Predator Fly Rods

Fario Tactical Camo WF Fly lines

Laxa 2.0 Zip Wader

The Trout Cap

GL Logo Cap

Coastal Solartech Cap

New colors of Keitech lures available in many series! (New colors: LT62 - Chart Lime Shad | LT63 - Purple Blue Heaven | LT64 - Grape Stardust | LT65 - Red Devil)

Easy Shiner Soft baits

FAT Swing Impact Soft baits

Swing Impact Soft baits

Crazy Flapper Soft baits

Mad Wag Soft baits

Easy Shiner Soft baits

To equip soft lures, we recommend new products from the Japanese brand Decoy!

Jig 11S Strong Wire Hooks

DS-13 Switch Head Sinker

Single33 Castin' Pike Hooks

Worm 153 F.F. Hooks

Worm 130 Makisasu Weighted Hooks

Blade CR BL-7

Carp fishing enthusiasts should check out the new Prologic EVA bags and rodpods!

Element Storm Safe Barrow Bag

Element Storm Safe Luggage

Element Storm Safe Accessory Bags

Element Storm Safe Bait Bag

C-Series Twin Support 3 Rod Pod

Stainless Steel Rod Pod

We also have new products from the Starbaits brand for carp anglers! Noteworthy are the reels at excellent prices!

CX 5000 Reels

CX 5000 FS Reels

PC OMEGA FISH Bagging Pellets

PC SIGNAL Bagging Pellets

PC SK 30 Bagging Pellets

PC DEMON HOT DEMON Bagging Pellets

PC RED LIVER Bagging Pellets

Probio Peach & Mango Boilies

G&G Global Boilies


Fox Frontier XD Bivvy

Dragon Rods

Japanese Decoy hooks and accessories

Berkley Braided lines

Shaker Baits Soft Baits

Dynamite Baits products

Special Prices

Fly rods - various brands

Price from 80.00 Eur
up to 45% cheaper!

Dragon PRO GUIDE X Spin Rods

Price from 78.89 Eur
selected models up to 20% cheaper!

Strike Pro Lures

Price from 4.22 Eur
up to 50% cheaper!

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka