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New lures from Salmo and Westin and new Daiwa, DAM reels

New products

We starting this fishing newsletter with new lures from SALMO brand. We received two new series, DR version of the Rattlin Sting and new colors in other series.

Rail Shad

new series

Rattlin Stick

new series

Rattlin' Sting

new DR version


new colors

Hornet Rattlin

new colors


new colors


new colors


new colors


new colors

From Westin we have new series, sizes and colors in the following series:

BuzzBite Crankbait

HypoTwist Propbait

Sandy Andy Jig Bulk

ShadTeez High

new colors

HypoTeez HL/GB

new size 14 cm

Westin Swim Glidebait

new size 10cm 31g Low Floating

Jätte Crankbait

new colors

Freddy the Frog Wakebait

new color White Frog

From distributor of such well known brands like: Okuma, Savage Gear, Scierra, Prologic we have:

Okuma Tomcat

Okuma Skyliner

new sizes

Okuma Jaw

Okuma Custom Black Feeder

Savage Gear Salmonoid Spin

Scierra Track 2

Prologic Wrap-Up Spod & Marker Braids

Prologic C2 Elements

From DAM we received different models of Quick reels, landing nets, as well as accessories dedicated to catfish fishing.

Quick 2 SLS

Quick 4 FS

Quick 3 SLS

Quick 4 FD


Crosspower Landing Net

Madcat Golf Ball Hot Ball

Madcat Golf Ball Snap-on Vertiball

MADCAT Golf Ball Snap-On Vertiball Rig

From Daiwa we have delivery of 4 series of their new reels.

Crossfire LT


Lexa E LT

Emblem 45 SCW QD

From HMG Lures we have their new micro lures: the KillerEGG FAT II in new size and new colors in the Killer Egg.

KillerEGG FAT II 19mm

Killer Egg 20mm

New colors of soft baits we received from the Fish Arrow.

Flash-J Curly SW

Flash-J Shad SW

Flash-J SW Slim 1.5

Flash-J Split SW

Flash-J SW

From the Gloog we received their new 12cm size of popular Ares lure, which was created to catch large pike.

We have a lot of new products for carp anglers from FOX.

EOS PRO 10000

EOS Telescopic

Ranger MK2 CAMO pod

Duralite Bed

EOS Chairs

Duralite Combo Chair

Carpmaster Cradle

Tri Sleeve 3-Piece 12ft

Halo Illuminated Marker Pole – 1 Pole Kit Including Remote

VRS Camo Sleeping Bag Covers

Duralite 5 Season Sleeping bag

EOS Sleeping Bags

Adaptive Camouflage Soft Steel

Camo Square Buckets

Exocet Marker Float

Grappling Marker Lead

Matrix Horizon Feeder


Zalt lures

Headbanger Shad lures

Taps lures

FishUp soft baits

large supply of Mivardi products

Hemingway fly tying materials

Special prices

WileyX Valor

for 98.81 Eur, less 27%

Trakker Summit XP Jacket XXL

for 88.10 Eur, less 30%

Trakker Cyclone Hoody

for 33.33 Eur, less 30%

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy