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New products 2020 from Gunki, Sakura, Illex, Balzer, Jaxon

New products

We are starting this fishing newsletter with a very large extension of the offer in the GUNKI assortment. There are rods, reels and lures.

Squad S

Power Game

Gunki GT FV

PowerGame FV

Gigan 39 F

Gigan 55 F

Gamera 90 F

Gamera 65 SP Twitch

Gamera 128 SP

Gamera 50 HW

Gamera Slim 110 SP



King Gamera 150 SP

Scunner 135 S Twin



Grubby Shad

We also have many new items from Illex.


new 7 inch size and new colors

Diving Chubby

new size

Chubby 38

new size

Squad Minnow

new size


new size

Chubby Minnow

new size

From Sakura we have a new series of Chopsy Minnow wobblers and a new sizes jerkbaits Naja Sub.

Chopsy Minnow

Naja Sub

From Balzer we have realistic Shirasu Clone soft baits, which are available in 8 types.

Shirasu Clone Shads Pike

Shirasu Clone Shads Zander

Shirasu Clone Shads Roach

Shirasu Clone Shads Chub

Shirasu Clone Shads Perch

Shirasu Clone Shads Brown Trout

Shirasu Clone Shads Bloody Minnow

Shirasu Clone Shads Rainbow Trout

From Wob-Art we have a new 8.5 cm in size and the new colors of lures Ukleja Vibro.

We have expanded our range of flashlights with new models from the recognized Petzl brand.




Swift RL

Tactikka +

Actik Core

From Jaxon we have the latest series of rods from the 2020 catalog - carp rods, feeders and catfish rods.

Carp Academy X

Carp Academy L

Carp Academy V

Feeder Academy L

Feeder Academy X

Method Feeder Academy L, X

Zaffira Catfish Max

From Spiderwire we have another new diameter of Stealth Smooth 8 braids.

Stealth Smooth 8 Translucent

Stealth Smooth 8 Red

Stealth Smooth 8 Blue Camo


Lures PL Trout Jointed

Stonfo Transformer Vise 654

Savage Gear 3D Slim Jig Minnow

Palms Andre's Alexandra

Kenart Dynamic

FishUp Tanta

Special prices

Soft Spoon

for 3.75 EUR

IMAX Seawave Floatation Suit

for 172.50 EUR

Remington Demi Season Suit

for 72.50 EUR

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka