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New products 2020 - Rapala, Cormoran, DAM, Savage Gear, Traper

New products

We are starting this fishing newsletter with big delivery of Rapala lures, we received new lures, news sizes and colors.

Floating Magnum

new series

Skitter Pop Saltwater

new series

X-Rap Saltwater

new series

X-Rap Long-Cast

new series

X-Rap Long-Cast Shallow

new series


new sizes

Shallow Shad Rap

new size 5 cm


new size 4 cm

Original Floater

new size 13 cm

Countdown Magnum

new colors

Husky Jerk

new colors


new colors

Shadow Rap Jack Deep

new colors

Skitter Pop

new colors

Team Esko

new color Brown Foil

Weedless Shad

new color Live Perch

X-Rap Magnum

new colors

X-Rap Magnum Xtreme

new colors

X-Rap Magnum Xplode

new colors

New brand in our offer are Williamson lures, a brand specializing in sea lures.

Gomame Jig

Popper Pro

Vortex Speed Jig

Abyss Speed Jig

Benthos Speed Jig

Speed Pro Deep

Thunder Jig

For fans of chub and ide fishing we have a new smaller 3.5 cm size of realistic imitation of grasshoppers from Imago Lures brand.

From Keitech we have new colors of the Swing Impact soft bait.

This week we received huge delivery of Blue Fox spinners.

Vibrax Nordic Flake

Vibrax Longcast

Moresilda Trout Series

Vibrax Chaser

Vibrax Original

Vibrax Flake

Vibrax Hot Pepper

Vibrax Shad

Vibrax UV

From DAM we have the Salt-X and the MADCAT series for cat fishing.

Salt-X Dead Bait System

Salt-X Herring Casting Jigs

Salt-X Mackerel Casting Jigs

Salt-X Mackerel Pilks

Salt-X Sandeel Blade

Salt-X Pilk Blade Lures

MADCAT A-Static Silent Teasers

MADCAT A-Static Screaming Spinner

MADCAT Distance Braid

From Okuma we have their new casting rods the Psycho-Perch Casting.

We expanded the Traper brand offer for soft baits, feeder rods and the Magnum Feeder reels.



Elite Feeder

Magnum Feeder

From Savage Gear we have new soft bait the 4D River Roach and new colors in other series.

4D River Roach

new series

3D LB Roach Paddle Tail

new colors

3D LB Roach Swim & Jerk

new colors

We have a lot of interesting new rods from Cormoran:

Big Cat Pro

Cross Water Rig Stick

Cross Water Power Jig

Cross Water Giant Master

Corman GTS Zander Lure

Cross Water Drop Shot

Bull Fighter Feeder

Sportline Feeder

Bull Fighter Picker

Sportline Picker

APM Float

Sportline Float

From Spiderwire we have another new diameters in the Stealth Smooth 8 braids.

Stealth Smooth 8 Moss Green

Stealth Smooth 8 Yellow

Stealth Smooth 8 Translucent

Stealth Smooth 8 Red

Stealth Smooth 8 Camo

Stealth Smooth 8 Blue Camo


Akara lures

Rublex spoons

Dynamite Baits products

new products soon

Kenart lures

Carp Zoom products

Korda products

Special prices

Daiwa Exceler LT 2000D

for 60.71 Eur, less 31%

WileyX Moxy

for 98.81 Eur, less 27%

Guru Fusion 400 Small Case

for 11.43 Eur, less 34%

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy