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New products from Jaxon, Flambeau, Westin, great special price from Dragon

New products

We are starting this newsletter from new Jaxon's products from 2020 offer.

Intensa GTX Match ZX 4.50m 5-25g

Catfish Vibro

Swingers SYS121

Rod rest RPD101

Atract Cirus XHA

Atract Oskar XHB

Atract Spark XHC

Atract Trefl XHD

Atract Edar XHE

Atract Mini XHG

Atract Hooper XHJ

Atract Cosma XHK

From Savage Gear we have their new clothes from the WP Performance series and an assist hooks for saltwater fishing.

WP Performance Jacket

WP Performance Trousers

Micro Assist Hooks

Bloody Single Assist Hooks

Bloody Double Assist Hooks

We expanded the Flambeau offer for new boxes and other similar products from 2020 offer.

Bag with boxes G500B

Classic 3-Tray 6383

Classic 2-Tray 6382TB

Classic 1-Tray 6381TB

Tuff Tainer 5003 Zerust

Tuff Tainer 4004 Zerust

From Westin we have their new lures from the 2019 autumn offer:

Magic Minnow Jig

Salty Jig

new size Sandy Andy Jig 7cm/8cm

6 new colors of Swim Glidebait

We have added two series of the Gary Yamamoto soft baits:

Pro Senko

Yama Frog

In latest delivery from Traper company we received new colors of Speed reel and big fly boxes:

Speed #4/5 Bronze

Double sided big flybox (32x25x8cm)

Double sided big flybox (28x16x5cm)


Oldstream spoons

Gloog lures

Rapala lures

Strike Pro soft baits

Kenart lures

FOX EOS 2 Man Bivvy

Special prices

Dragon Fishmaker II Sensitive Jig

from 46.25 Eur !!

Tandem Baits Carp Food Oil Hookers

for 1.50 Eur
and many other products of this brand

Kulki Meus Pop-Up Spectrum

from 2.00 Eur
and many other products of this brand

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy