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New products from Savage Gear, Penn, Berkley, Keitech...

New products

We are starting this newsletter with new Savage Gear products from 2020 offer, those lures are for fresh and salt water fishing.

3D Goby Shad

Needle Jig

3D Pulse Tail Roach

Sandeel Jerk Minnow

new size 11cm

Seeker ISP

new size 6.8cm

Sandeel Surf Walker

new size 12.5cm

3D Line Thru Sandeel

new colour

Cannibal Curl Tail

new colors

Cannibal Shad

new colors Dirty Roach

From japanese Keitech brand we have their three new soft baits:

Easy Shiner - new size 6.5 inches

Flapper Grub

Flex Chunk

From Pure Fishing we have their new Penn Fierce III reels and Berkley X5 braids:

Fierce III

Fierce III Live Liner

X5 Braid Low-Vis Green

X5 Braid Flame Green

X5 Braid Crystal

From Lucky John we have two new series of their soft baits:

Kubira Swim Shad

Trick Worm

From Manns we have new bigger size of their v-tail soft bait.

From IMAX we have their new Thermo Suit the Imax Atlantic Challenge in an updated design, with zip-in quiltet innerjacket for extra warmth.

For carp anglers we have new items from the Prologic brand:

Twin-Sky 2 Multi Pod

Custom SMX MkII


Cruzade Camo 42 Landing Net

Camo Floating Retainer-Weigh Sling

Connected Tip Butt Protector 2PC

From Jaxon we also have their latest products for the 2020 season:

Moulinets casting Forward

Atract Pixel TI

Atract Multi-parts XMP-M

Outil multifonction FT202

Outil multifonction FT203

Couteau NS30M



Strike Pro Buster Jerk

Daiwa J-Braid

Rapala Otus


Fish Arrow Flash-J

Special prices

We continue the Mega Promotions cycle:

Gloves Rapala Amara

7,50 Eur, cheaper by 65%

Eiger Knitted Gloves

2,50 Eur, cheaper by 72%

Geoff Anderson Raptor 4

108.75 Eur, cheaper by 31%

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka