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New products from Shimano, Okuma and 13 Fishing Rods!

New Products

We start this news with a significant expansion of the Shimano product range! Already on our website you will find new series of fishing rods, reels, baitcasting reels and spinning lures.

Curado Spinning Rods

Calcutta Conquest Baitcasting Round Reel

Curado DC Baitcasting Reels

Exsence Reels

Vanquish FB Reels

Metanium MGL Baitcasting Reels

Antares Baitcasting Reels

Bantam Macbeth Flat AR-C Hard Lures

BT WorldCrank AR-C Flash Boost Hard Lures

BT World Pop Flash Boost Lures

Bantam BT Spin Lures

Exsence Shallow Assassin Hard Lures

You will also find new products in the offer of the Okuma brand! New feeder rods, pole rods and reels for many fishing methods are now available on our website!

LS-6K Feeder Rods

Solitron Feeder Rods

Custom Black Feeder Rods

Ceymar Feeder Rods

Competition Tele Pole Rods

Epixor LS Reels

Inspira Blue Reels

Azores XP Reels

Airframe Reels

Avenger Reels

Helios HSX Reels

Tomcat Reels

Due to the growing popularity of 13 fishing baitcasting reels and lures, we have decided to introduce casting rods from this manufacturer to our offer!

Omen Black Casting Rods

Fate Quest Travel Casting Rods

Fate Black Casting Rods

The popular Rapala Nauvo spoons are now available in the new size 6.6cm 19g!

We are constantly expanding our offer with new, interesting brands, one of them is Darts AB. At the beginning, we present spinning lures and accessories from this Swedish manufacturer.

Darts AB Viber Lures

Darts AB Shake Xpress Lures

Darts AB Breaker Blade Jig Lures

Split Ring Plier Heavy

Crimp and Cut Plier

Predator Hook Remover

The new Prologic C-Series Bite Alarms are available both in a set with a receiver and a flashlight, as well as individually.

Last week, we received the first deliveries of Dynamite Baits products, including some new products:

Catfish Hook Pellets

Catfish Pop Up Pellets

Catfish Hookbaits Dips

Big Fish Sweet Tiger & Corn Boilie

Foodbait Pop-Ups

Boilies, Pop-Ups, Hookbaits

From Fox we have new Collection Green & Silver Lightweight Hoodie and EDGES Submerge Camo Leader Lead Clip Kwik Change!


Daiwa products

Rapala lures

Illex Lures

Gunki Lures

Fox Duralite 5 Sleeping bag

Hanak fly tying products

Special Prices

Geoff Anderson Dozer 5 Leaf - XL

Price from 266.67 Eur
71.11 Eur cheaper!

Guideline Laxa Fly Vest

Price from 62.22 Eur
various sizes 30% cheaper!

Fly Tying Feathers - hackles, capes, saddles

Prices from 0.89 Eur
up to 55% cheaper!

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka

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