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New products from Traper, Flagman, Daiwa and more

New products

We are starting this fishing newsletter with a new products from well known Polish brand the Traper. Now we have a lot of series of their lures at great prices and popular the feeder links.

Fluorocarbon Feeder Link GST

Lures Traper Fan

Lures Traper Caro

Lures Traper Hopper

Lures Traper Wild

Lures Traper Dumpy

Lures Traper Fish

Lures Micro DR

From Flagman we have two series of their popular reels and two series of lures.

Reels Flagman Squadron Pro Carp Feeder FD

Reels Flagman Squadron Pro Pellet Feeder

Lures Flagman Deezer 45S

Lures Flagman Qwant

From Manyfik we have two new spinning tail lures, for pike the Uzi series and for big perch and pike the Yogi series.
Both series have attached a spinner blade to the back treble in an innovative and interesting way.

Spinning Tail Lures Uzi

Spinning Tail Lures Yogi

From Daiwa we have their new reel the RX LT with a new LT (Light & Tough) design and DigiGear transmission.

From Hunter company we have their 3 new series of asp lures.

Lures Hunter Idol

Lipless lures Hunter Furia

Lipless lures Hunter Klakier

From Wob-Art we have a new series of lures.

Lipless lures Kleń Vibro (Chub)

Lures Kleń (Chub)

Lures Karaś (Crucian carp)

Lures Jaź (Ide)

For salmo and sea trout anglers we have new color and size of the Hansen Pilgrim SD spoon.

From Shimano we have the Kairiki 8 braided lines in Multi Color version.

From Spiderwire we have their new the Stealth Smooth 12 Braid which is tightly woven with 12 PE fibres to create a tight, round braid that is strong and sensitive.

From FOX we have another models of the Explorer carp rods.

From Westin we have a spinning rods the W4 Powershad made of high-quality Japanese TORAY carbon to give you the response speed of a rattlesnake.

From DAM we have a nice floating XL nets with the rubber net.


Braids YGK G-soul EGI-Metal WX4

Westin products

Solvkroken spoons and pilkers

Siek lures

Lucky John lures

DAM Quadra Safar rods

Special prices

Geoff Anderson WS 5 Dark Grey

for 204.55 Eur, less 113 Eur

Trakker Downpour+ Jacket - M

for 39.32 Eur, less 16 Eur

Remington Green

for 34.09 Eur, less 29 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy