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New products: Lucky John, Sufix, Rapala, Dragon, Molix, Gunki, VMC, Star Baits, Dynamite Baits, Sensas

New products

We are starting this fishing newsletter with delivery of Lucky John baits, in that delivery we received 6 new series of their lures.

Roach Paddle Tail

new series

Tioga Fat

new series

Basara 3D Soft Swim

new series

3D Makora Shad Tail

new series

3D Makora Split Tail

new series

Silver Shiner

new series


new colors and size 3.9inch/9.9cm


new colors T47, T50, T51, T52

From Sufix we have their new lines:


Advance Fluorocarbon

From Rapala we have another new products:

new colors Max Rap

new colors MaxRap Long Range Minnow

CountDown Utility Pack

Fish N Fillet Superflex

Presentation Fillet Laminates

Fish n Fillet

Folding Fishing Knife

RCD Folding Fillet Knife

RCD Mag Spring Split Ring Pliers

From Dragon we have their new series of reels with front drag.

Black Rock FD500

Black Rock FD300

From Westin we have new size of the BullTeez Shadtail and new colors in other series.

BullTeez Shadtail

new size 24cm

Swim Glidebait

new colors

Crazy Daisy
new color Headlight

From Savage Gear we have new soft baits.

Przynęty miękkie 3D Real Eel

Przynęty 4D River Roach

new size 18cm

From Salmo we received new items in two series:

Freediver - Holographic Read Head

Rattlin Stick - Red Head Striper

From Molix we have their 4 new series of lures from 2020 offer:.

Spin Shad 160

lead free

Trago Spin Tail

lead free

Metal Jig Jugulo Wide Casting Jig

CJM 165B Casting Jig Minnow 165 Baitfish

From Illex and Gunki we have new series of lures and new colors in other series.

Block Ripper 48 MR

new series

D-Gigan 46 F

new series

Gamera 54 SHW

new series

Gamera 39mm

new colors

Gamera 50mm SP

new colors

Gamera 39 HW

new colors

We added to the Gary Yamamoto and the Sakura brands offer following lures:


new series

Hula Grub

new series

Flappin Hog

new color Black

Naja Sub

new colors

From VMC we received a new treble hooks and ready to use rigs.

From Star Baits we have a big delivery of carp fishing products.

Pop Up Concept Fluo Demon Hot Demon

Concept Demon Hot Demon

Pop Up Demon Hot Demon

Pop Tops Demon Hot Demon

Grab and Go Global Boillies

Prep X Squirtz

Pop Tops SK30 Concept

Pop Up SK30 Concept


Concept Demon Hot Demon

SK30 Concept

Glug Demon Hot Demon Concept

For all the method feeder anglers we have something from the Dynamite Baits.

Wowsers Hookbaits

Swim Stim Sticky Pellet

From Sensas we have delivery of groundbaits and a hemp.

3000 Lake

3000 Fine Lake

Crushed Hemp

Grilled Hemp

3000 Method Feeder

For fly anglers we have semi-automatic reel from Vivarelli Franco brand.


Lunker City soft baits

Boland groundbaits

FOX products

Daiwa Tournament Baby Crank

Lucky John lures

pellets, groundbaits and boileis from Meus

Special prices

Dynamite Baits pellers

from 1.19 Eur

Meus pellers

from 0.95 Eur

WileyX Sunglasses

from 98.81 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy