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New Rapala and Daiwa products for 2020 - already in stock

New products

We are starting this newsletter with a new Rapala products for 2020. We received new series of lures, new sizes, colors.

BX Brat

BX Big Brat

RipStop Deep

X-Rap Magnum Cast

X-Rap Magnum Prey

X-Rap Twitchin Shad

Down Deep Husky Jerk

new size 14cm

Shad Dancer

new size 7cm

Skitter V

new size 13cm

X-Rap Magnum Xplode

new size 13cm

DT series

Rapala Max Rap

new colors

Rippin Rap

new colors

Skitter Pop

new colors

Super Shadow Rap

new colors

X-Rap Magnum

new color PM Purple Mackerel

Anglers Magnetic Tool Holder

Urban VisionGear

From Daiwa we have new interesting rods, reels and braid for the upcoming season, which are already in our warehouse.

Ninja X Carp

Ballistic X Spin

Ballistic X Baitcast

Ballistic X Spin

Tatula Spinning

Tatula Baitcast

Crossfire LT

J-Braid Grand X8

From Molix we have new series of their lures.



Popper 85T

Metal Jig Jugulo Fast Sinking

Stick Baits SB 80

Top Water 110 Baitfish Super Sound TW 110B

Pike Jerk 140

slow sinking version

For fly anglers we have very good information about new brand in our offer the Cortland. We received new lines for 2020 season and well known 444 and 333 series.

Long Belly Distance floating

Streamer Floating

Streamer Sink Tip 10

Streamer Sink Tip 15

Euro Nymph Leader Material

Finesse Trout II floating

444 Modern Trout floating

444 Peach floating

444 Full Sinking Type 3

444 Full Sinking Type 6

444 Sink Tip Type 3

444 Sink Tip Type 6

333 Full Sinking Type 3

333 Trout All Purpose floating


Spiderwire Stealth Smooth 12 Braid Moss Green

Spinmad Hart

Sufix Nanobraid

Fish Arrow Flash-J Split

Lucky John Minnow

Savage Gear Regenerator Mono

Special prices

Trakker Summit XP Jacket

for 92.50 Eur, less 30%

Geoff Anderson Raptor 4

for 108.75 Eur, less 31%

Graff Climate PRO 605-B-CL XXL

for 68.75 Eur, less 29%

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy