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New rods from Dragon and new lures from DUO, Molix, Tict

New products

We are starting this newsletter with new high quality spinning and casting rods from Dragon company. Those rods were made on the basis of ultra-modern nanographic mats of one of the world's largest manufacturers, based on X-Cross NGT technology.
We have also new series of jig heads the V-Point Aggressor made for soft baits with a more delicate, slimmer structure.

HM62X Spin

HM62X Cast

V-Point Aggressor 19

V-Point Aggressor 19 - 20pcs

We have expanded a range of japanese DUO brand for 7 series of their soft baits.

Realis Ninmushi

Realis V-Tail Shad

Tetra Works Movvy

Tetra Works Pipin

Tetra Works Grapper

Tetra Works Chop

Tetra Works Burny

Some of the latest Rapala lures from the X-Rap Otus and X-Rap Peto series, about which we wrote in the previous newsletter, has been sold out in one day. Fortunately, new colors of the Otus in 25 cm and 20 cm Peto have arrived again.

X-Rap Otus

X-Rap Peto

Offer of Lucky John lures was expanded for another series:

Arrow Jerk

Pike Hunter

Basara LBF ATG

Kubira Plus One

Antira Swim

new size 11.50cm

Tict this is a new brand in our soft bait section.

Fisit Nude

Vivid LizardTail

Metabo Brilliant


From Molix we have their new lures, spoons for trout fishing and saltwater lures for catching cuttlefish and squid.

Lover Area Spoon

AC 30SS Area Crank Slim

Millerighe EVO Natural Series

Millerighe EVO Vintage Series

Millerighe EVO

From FishArrow we have two new series of soft baits, new size in the Flash-J SW and new colors in other series.

AirBag Minnow

Flash-J Curly SW

Flash-J SW new size 3"

From Marttiini we have their new models of knifes.

Lynx knife 131

Lynx knife 139

Condor De Luxe Skinner

Filleting Knife Basic

Lynx Lumberjack Stainless


Mepps spinners

Spiderwire braids

Savage Gear Switch Blade Minnow

Effzett Finesse Baby Popper

Daiwa Ninja X Feeder rods

Manyfik BuBu OL lures

Special prices

Dragon Mega Baits Mystery Feeder 3.90m 80g

for 33.75 Eur

Dragon Invader Jig 7 2.44m 1-7g

for 41.25 Eur

Kombinezon Trakker Core Multi-Suit

for 91.25 Eur
and many other clothes of this brand

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy