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New Shimano rods, Daiwa braided lines, Rapala lures

New products

We start this news with the Shimano brand, from which we received the latest spinning rods and Tribal TX-1A carp rods.

Lunamis Spinning Rods

Bass One XT Spinning Rods

Norden SP Spinning Rods

Speedmaster DX Spinning Rods

Technium AX Spinning Rods

Sedona Spinning Rods

Tribal TX-1A Rods

From Daiwa we received a large supply of two extremely popular Emblem carp reels, as well as the latest Tournament X8 Braid Evo + lines and new lengths in the J-Braid Grand X8 series.

Emblem 45 SCW QD Reels

Emblem 45 SCW QD OT Reels

Tournament X8 Braid Evo+ Dark Green

Tournament X8 Braid Evo+ Chartreuse

Tournament X8 Braid Evo+ White

J-Braid Grand X8 - light grey

new length 270 m

J-Braid Grand X8 - blue

new length 270 m

J-Braid Grand X8 - multi-color

new length 300 m

From Rapala we have a new series of Shadow Rap Solid Shad lures, new sizes and colors in other series and something from the accessories of this brand.

Shadow Rap Solid Shad Hard Lures

new series

CountDown Elite Hard Lures

new size 5.5cm

MaxRap Walk'n Roll Lures

new size 10cm

Shad Rap Lures

new colors

X-Rap Hard Lures

new colors

X-Rap Magnum Hard Lures

new colors HD

RDC Line Remover

We have a considerable extension of the range in the Jaxon rods group. There is a huge amount of it, because the offer includes wide series of Green Point, Eclatis and Tenesa with rods for practically every method.

Spinning Rods


Bolognese rods

Match Rods

Float Rods

Feeder Rods

Picker Rods

Method Feeder Rods

Carp rods

Catfish Rods

Sea fishing Rods

Fly Rods

From Gunki we have new lure colors in several series below.

Scunner 135 S Twin Lures

Jiger 55 S Lures

Kraken F Lures

Megalon 75 S Lures

From Swedish Zalt we have new colors of lures in sizes 14 and 17 cm.

From Savage Gear we have new models of Pliers, scissors and a rig for soft baits.

Pliers and Scissors

Line-Thru Corkscrew Rig

FROM Spro we have trout spinning rods, pliers and boxes.

Trout Master Tactical Trout Spoon Rods

Straight Nose Side Cutter Pliers 16cm

FreeStyle Rigged Boxes XL

From Hunter we have a new size of Pandora asp lures and new colors in other series.

Pandora Lures

new size

Yoda Lures

new colors

Ronin Lures

Hydra Lures

Klakier Lures

From Star Baits we have two new products, Probio Peach & Mango ball and Feedz Method Mix.

Massive Baits has new products for carp anglers.

Red Monstrum Robin Red Boilies

Special Boilies Scarlett Robin Red

Strawberry Bergamotta Boilies

3kg packaging

Top Shelf Kriller Boilies

3kg packaging

Vario Mixed Pellets

3kg packaging

Eco Boilies

new flavors

We have interesting Wapsi materials for fly fishermen who make flies.

Dubbing SLF Prism Multi-Laminated Synthetic

Polypropylene Floating Yarn

Barred Round Rubber Medium


large supply of Rapala products

dozens of products have been unlocked

Mivardi CamoCODE Flat8 Bedchairs

Wob-Art Lures

Oldstream - Igor Olejnik Spinners

FishUp Lures


Special Prices

Fishing Sunglasses WileyX

Prices from 95.45 Eur, selected models

Berkley X9 Braid Low Vis Green 300m

Price from 25.68 Eur

Penn Fierce III Reels

Price from 45.23 Eur, different sizes

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka