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New Spro products, Daiwa rods, Penn reels

New products

We start this news with another delivery of new SPRO products. We have received 5 new series of spinning rods and 5 series of great lures.

SPX Dropshot Rods

SPX Jig Rods

SPX Traveller Rods

SPX Vertical Jig Rods


Iris Underdog Jointed 80 Hard Lures

Fat Iris 40 DR Hard Lures

Fat Iris 40 Hard Lures

Trout Master Double Spin Spoon

Screamin Triple Devil 130 SLS Lures

New series of Procyon spinning rods from the offer for 2021 have arrived from Daiwa.

Procyon Travel Spin Rods

Procyon UL Spin Rods

Procyon Spin Rods

From the distributor of the Penn brand we received a delivery of Penn Clash II reels - new 2021, which are available at a special price!

The offer of Japanese Yo-Zuri lures includes new wobblers from the 2021 offer.

3DB Pencil Lures

3D Inshore Topknock Pencil Lures

3DB Jerkbait 110 Hard Lures

3DB Jerkbait 110 Deep Hard Lures

3DB Pencil Popper Lures

Mag Popper Lures

From Quantum, we have two anniversary series of soft baits, designed especially for the 20th anniversary of the brand.

For carp anglers we have a new rod pod, a set of Bite Alarms and fishing rod covers from FOX brand.

Black Label QR 3 Rod Pod complete

Bite Alarms Mini Micron X

Explorer Rod Sleeves

From Jaxon we got the long-awaited delivery of fishing rod bags and sleeves.

Fishing bags with a stiffened bottom UJ-XAB

Carryall Bag UJ-XAB03

Fishing bags on the arm XAA

Two Compartment Rod Holdalls XAT

Three Compartment Rod Holdalls XAU

Two compartments rod holldalls XAE

Additionally, the offer of Korda carp hooks has been extended by new 3 series.

Kamakura Krank Barbless Hooks

Kamakura Choddy Micro Barbed Hooks

Kamakura Choddy Micro Barbless Hooks

The offer of the American brand Cortland has been extended with new fly lines and leaders.

From Partridge of Redditch we have received a delivery of new Patriot Double Up-Eye salmon hooks.


Strike Pro Hard Lures


Quantum Lures

Spinmad WIR Lures

Hegemon Hard Lures

Manyfik Lures

Special prices

Geoff Anderson HOODY 3

for 96.59 Eur

IMAX ARX Thermo Bib & Brace

price from 52.27 Eur

Geoff Anderson Xera 4 Pants

for 136.36 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka