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News from Rapala and Sufix, new Deeper

New Products

We have a lot of interesting products from Rapala, incl. special colors of X-Rap Magnum Hard lures and this is the brand where we start the news:

X-Rap Magnum Hard lures

CountDown Backpack

Sportsman s 31 Tackle Bag

Magnum Lock Pliers with Seath RCD 7

RCD Magnum Split Ring Pliers

Lure Camo Neck Gaiter

Super Shad Rap

new colors

X-Rap Otus 17cm

new color Unreal Koi (URK)

Flat Rap

new colors: CH, P, S, YP

The 13 FISHING brand offers a new size of the Origin C reel and new colors and sizes of Churro lures.

Origin C Baitcasting Reels

Churro Soft baits

From Sufix we have their latest SFX braids, which were made of Japanese UHMPE fibers.

Below we present the latest model of the sonar Deeper CHIRP+ 2

In the latest delivery of Kenart hard lurres we have the latest Glimmer series and new colors in 8 other series from this manufacturer.

In the newest supply of Japanese Reins soft baits we have two new series and new colors in other series.

Fat Rockvibe Shad 4 inch Soft baits

Chibisector Soft baits

Rockvibe Shad 3 inch Soft Baits

new colors

Rockvibe Shad 4 inch Soft Baits

new colors

We have new items in 4 series of Spro products.

Spro Trout Master Tactical Trout Spoon Rod 1.80m 1-6g

Spro Fat Iris 60 SF - Red Head

Spro Iris Fatboy 85 SUS

Spro Iris Underdog 70 SF - Hot Perch

From Shimano we have new sizes of Ultegra FC reels and new colors in several series of lures.

Ultegra FC reels

Cardiff Flügel Flat

Bantam Macbeth

Ocea Sardine Waver

Tiger Baku Baku

From Prologic we have a new model of the Inspire Lite-Pro chair and Avenger covers.


delivery of Momoi braided lines

RtB Refuse to Blank Rods

Strike Pro lures

Flagman products

Serbian hard lurres Vidra Lures

Hunter hard lurres

Special Prices

Shimano Speedmaster DX Spinning

Price from 133.33 Eur, different models

Ryobi SLAM Spin

Price from 26.67 Eur, different models

Mustang Minnow 12cm

Price from 5.56 Eur, different colors

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka