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Novelties from Trakker, Westin, Mandula lures and much more


We are starting this news with many products for carp anglers, that we received from Trakker and Cygnet.

Trakker NXG Bucket Bag

Trakker NXG Combi Rig Pouch

Trakker NXG Stiff Rig Pouch

Trakker Base-XP Hat

Trakker Artist Series Beanie

Trakker Team Bobble Beanie

Trakker Base XP Jacket

Trakker Oval 365 Sleeping Bag

Trakker Clear Window

Trakker Aviator

Trakker Wrap-Around

Trakker Classic

Cygnet Logo Hoody

Cygnet Stick Driver

Cygnet 20/20 Snugs

Cygnet Minimal Buzzer Bars

Cygnet Mega Pult

Cygnet Boilie Pult

We have expanded our offer of lures with mandula - great lure for perch and zander.

Mandula Snowman

Mandula Fly

Mandula Perch

Mandula Classic

Mandula Lift

We received newest lures from Westin. We've got new series and colors.

Hypo Teez Bulk

Stanley the Stickleback Bulk

Ricky the Roach Shadtail

Ricky the Roach R ‘N R

Curl Teez

ShadTeez High

New size 7 and 19cm


new colors


new colors

We received new colors of Salmo lures:

Salmo Pop YPH

Slider SD7F RSH

Perch PH14SDR RR

We received series of popular Kopyto lures from Relax. Also Clonay lures and twisters.

Kopyto 5

Kopyto 6

Clonay 2

Clonay 4

Twister VR 3

Twister VR 4

Keitech send us new colors of Easy shiner. We also received other colors of this popular lures.

Mepps send us new sizes and colors of popular Comet Decorees spinner.

From Jaxon we received new series of Blask pilkers, new colors in Dran series and net head.



Net Head

For fly fishing anglers we have new products from Guideline brand, smallest trout net Experience and boxes for tube flies.


Scierra Track 1

Kenart Sneck SDR

Daiwa J-Braid


We are continuing our Mega Promotions

Greys Platinum lines

for 20€, 62% off price

Spiderwire Dura Silk

for 20€, 57% off price

Green & Black Hoody

for 41,25€, 37% off price

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Karol Duda