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Novelties Westin, Daiwa, Gunki...


We are starting this news with large delivery of newest lures from Westin!

Flat Mat Jig

Ricky the Roach Shadtail Bulk

HypoTeez ST RNR 11.5cm

HypoTeez ST 11.5cm

ShadTeez High colors Slime Curd and Fire Perch

ShadTeez High Fire Perch

ShadTeez 22cm and 27cm colors slime curd and Fire Perch

ShadTeez Slim 14cm Slime Curd

From Manns, we received new larger version of Hard Nose Reel'N Shad - 130mm and new lure Jaskółka 50mm.


Hard Nose Reel'N Shad 130mm

From novelites for 2019 we received two series of Daiwa rods, including travel spinning rods and two pieces rods.:

Lexa Jiggerspin

Lexa Travel Spin

We received our offer of Gunki products:




From Savage Gear we received: 1x7 Titanium Corkscrew Stinger and Weedlees EWG Hooks.

1x7 Titanium Corkscrew Stinger

Weedlees EWG Hooks


Oldstream Spoons

Taps Wobblers

Berkley Flicker Shad


We are continuing our mega promotions:

Inspira C-40X FD ISX30W for 37.50 €, 50% off price

Team Dragon X for 56.25 €, 43% off price

Fox Chunk Olive Quilted Jacket for 48.75 €, 40% off price

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Additional information

We are pleased to announce that Fishing-Mart has become a member of the prestigious Eftta association of producers and sellers of fishing tackle.

Karol Duda