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Scierra, Savage Gear, FishUp, Strike Pro and more

New products

We start this news with the latest clothes from renowned brands Scierra, Savage Gear and IMAX, which we present below:

Scierra Kenai Neo 4mm Chest Bootfoot

Scierra Helmsdale Stretch Trousers

Savage Gear Super Light Jacket

IMAX Oceanic Thermo Suit

From Strike Pro we have their new Buster SwimBait and new colors in two series.

Strike Pro Buster SwimBait

new series

Strike Pro Buster Jerk

new colors

Strike Pro Ghost Buster C755G Green Motoroil Pike UV

new color

From FishUp we have 4 series of soft baits dedicated to trout fishing. All these series are well known and appreciated, but this time they are available in the aroma and flavor of cheese.

FishUp Yochu Cheese

FishUp Tanta Cheese

FishUp Morio Cheese

FishUp Pupa Cheese

From Sakura, we have a new Chupo 80F popper and new colors in other series of lures.

Sakura Chupo 80F

Phoxy Minnow HW 85S - A25 Aurora Sarda

SCB Crank 400F 65mm - RL05 Real Life Gardon

Flat Phoxy Minnow HW 50S - T12 Iwana Trout

Sakura Bainer 105S - GLB (Guy Le Beau)

From Pontoon21 distributor we have their latest GAD Footsie soft baits which are available in two sizes and a wide range of colors.

From Westin we have a new largest size Rawbite wobbler - 17cm 100g.

From Jaxon, we have their latest shoes from the 2021 catalog offer.

From Mepps, we have a new series of spinners, including Syclops spoons in two versions.

Mepps Syclops Platium

Mepps Syclops Fluo

Mepps Black Fury Mouche

Mepps Aglia Spinflex

Mepps Aglia Flying

From Spiderwire we have another diameters (0.09mm, 0.13mm and 0.15mm) of Stealth Smooth 12 Braid Hi-Vis Yellow braids.

From Guru we have their latest leader boxes which are available in two sizes.

Guru Stealth Rig Case 15

Guru Stealth Rig Case 6


huge delivery of Rapala

Siek lures

Rublex spinners

Manyfik lures

Mivardi products

Dorado lures

Special prices

Spiderwire Braided lines Stealth Smooth 8 Camo

for 17.78 Eur

Penn reels Surfblaster II

Penn Reels Battle II

Price from 55.56 Eur, different sizes

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka