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Shimano lures, Willey X Captivate sunglasses

New products

We are starting this newsletter with Shimano lures, below you can find 5 series of those lures in wide offer of colors and sizes.


Bantam Kozak lures

Bantam Rattlin Sur-Vibe lures

Bantam Rip Flash lures

Bantam Pavlo Shad lures

Bantam Macbeth lures

The offer of the highest class polarized Wiley X sunglasses has been expanded for the latest models with the Captivate technology. This is the new patented Wiley X lens technology.

In the latest delivery of Massive Baits products we updated stock and received the new crustacean meal for the production of boilies.

The Czech brand Hanak this is well known fly fishing brand, in the latest delivery we received various models of fly reels and four series of the latest barbeless fly hooks.


Czech Nymph III fly reels

River fly reels

Lake fly reels

Hanak 390 BL Klinkhammer hooks

Hanak 333 BL Czech Nymph hooks

Hanak 310 BL Buzzer hooks

Hanak 530 BL Pupa Allround hooks

For fly anglers we have the Guideline Predator DX fly lines, designed for big flies casting for example pike flies.


Meiho Versus Japanese boxes

Perchik soft baits

Japanese Major Craft braids

Keitech soft baits

the third delivery of Salmo Rattlin Slider lures within a week

the latest color is presented above

Westin products

Special prices

Jaxon Antris HTI Tele Bolo rods

from 13.56 Eur, different models

Trakker NXG 3-Rod Padded Sleeve

from 64.37 Eur, different sizes

Geoff Anderson Dozer 5 Black XXXL

for 206.90 Eur, less 103 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy