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Spro, Guideline, Pontoon21, Westin

New products

We start this news with a huge extension of the SPRO brand offer. Reels, fishing rods, accessories and lures have arrived. We will finish the update next week, below we present what is already available.

SP1 Spinning Reels

CRX Spin Reels

Canyon Free Reels

C-Tec Governor Carp Reels

Black Pit Reels

Zeno BC LH Reels

Canyon XR Reels

SP1 Pro Cast MH Rods

SP1 Pro Cast Rods

SP1 Pro Vertical L Rods

SP1 Pro Spin & Softbait M Rods

SP1 Pro Spin & Softbait L Rods

SP1 Pro Spin & Softbait ML Rods

Pliers of various types

We are gradually building the offer of the well-known Scandinavian fly tying brand Guideline, this time we have their jackets, vests and bags.

Guideline Laxa Jacket Coal

Guideline Laxa Fly Vest

Guideline Experience Vest

Guideline Gear Bag

Guideline Reelbag

In the latest, yet another huge supply of Keitech soft lures, we have new colors in two series. Of course, we have significantly replenished our inventory:

Keitech Little Spider

Keitech Shad Impact

The Zipbaits offer has been extended with new series, and in many other series we have new colors.

Zipbaits Irony

ZipBaits ZBL Shad Kaira

Zipbaits Khamsin Tiny

Zipbaits ZBL Popper Tiny

From Pontoon21 we have two versions of their most popular soft lure Awaruna.

Pontoon21 Awaruna EVO

Pontoon21 Awaruna Dun

We have enriched the offer of the Swedish brand Headbanger Lures with 23 cm Headbanger Tail lures.

From Westin we have new W3 Finesse-T T&C spinning rods and two models in the W3 Street Stick series.

Westin W3 Finesse-T T&C

Westin W3 Street Stick


Daiwa Reels Ballistic LT

Daiwa Reels TDR Distance Feeder

Daiwa Reels Cast‘izm Feeder 25 QD

Shaker Baits lures

Guru pellet boxes and strainers

Lunker City lures

Special prices

Berkley Fluorocarbon Direct Connect 1200m

for 33.33 Eur, different diameters

Penn Rods Squadron II Jig

Price from 46.67 Eur, different models

Penn Rods Squadron II Travel Boat

Price from 55.56 Eur, different models

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka