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Guideline fly fishing gear and new lures, braids

New products

We are starting this fishing newsletter with huge delivery of Guideline fly fishing products. We received reels, fly rods including double handle series, fly lines. In that place I can write that we will gradually expand the offer of this fly fishing high quality brand.


Guideline Vosso Dark Grey

Guideline Fario LW Bronze

Guideline Fario Classic

Guideline RSi

Guideline Fario NT8

Guideline NT8:4

Guideline NT8 5pc

Guideline LPXe Double Hand Rods

Guideline LPXe Switch

Guideline NT8:4 Switch

Guideline ULS Hybrid Switch

Guideline Elevation Double Hand Rods

Guideline Fario Distance WF

Guideline Fario Elite WF

Guideline Fario Tactical WF

Experience DW Vest

From Shimano we have the Zodias spinning rods (another models will arrive soon) and Stradic FL 4000 MHGFL reels.


Shimano Zodias Spinning rods

Shimano Stradic FL 4000 MHGFL

In the latest delivery of the Headbanger lures we received a new colors of their very good lures.

From Kenart company we have a new colors of their lures in series: Bass, Bass Jerk and Phoenix.


Kenart Bass

Jerkbaits Kenart Bass Jerk

Kenart Kenart Phoenix - NG

From Spiderwire we have a new Hi-Vis Yellow color of the Stealth Smooth 12 Braid.

We expanded range of fishing lines for new brand the RtB Refuse to Blank. We present 4 series below, but this is not all because soon we will receive very nice spinning rods of that brand.

From Pontoon21 we have a new colors of these very popular spinners .

Spinners Indi-Rah

Spinners AV Type A

From Mivardi we have the waterproof transport bag for Cradle New Dynasty XL.


Strike Pro lures

WileyX sunglasses

Salmo lures

Decoy Japanese hooks

Spinmad lures

new colors of the Rapala Rap-V Blade

Special prices

FOX Carp Reel FX13

for 111.36 Eur, less 115 Eur

FOX EOS 2pc Rods - 10ft 3lb

for 35.23 Eur, less 22 Eur

FOX Royale Classic

for 136.36 Eur, less 54 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Krystian Niemy