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Spro rods, Okuma reels, Daiwa, Gunki and Savage Gear lures

New products

We start this news with the newest SPRO spinning and casting rods. We have extended our offer by 7 spinning series and 2 casting series.

We have expanded our Okuma reels offer with 3 series, the Safina for spinning and two series with a freespool system.

Safina SN Reels

Carbonite B-Feeder CBBF Reels

Powerliner Pro Reels

We have extended the offer of Daiwa lures with 13 Tournament series, all lures are made in Japan.

We have several new series of lures from Gunki from the 2021 offer.


From Savage Gear we have their latest 4D Line Thru Roach lures and Dropshot rig kits.

From the Italian Molix we have the newest TAC 30 Tournament Area Crank hard lures and the new small size of Trago Spin Tail 2.4cm 7g.

From FishUp we have the latest Scaly Fat Cheese Trout Series with a cheese aroma and a new 2 inch size to all known Tanta soft baits.

From YGK we have high quality the Galis GesoX WX8 8 braided lines.

The clothing offer has been expanded for Scierra Helmsdale Fishing Trousers and Imax Expert Jacket.

From the catfish brand the DAM Madcat we have the Golf Ball Jig System Anti Snag.


Korda carp accessories

Guru products

Sufix braided lines

Dorado Hardlures

Spinmad Blade baits

Manyfik lures

Special prices

Geoff Anderson Barbarus Jackets

Price from 136.36 Eur

Graff 629-B XXL Jackets

for 104.55 Eur

Remington clothes

Prices from 9.77 Eur, different series

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka