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Westin, Mepps and Fox. Garmin special prices.

New products

We start this newsletter with new Westin products, new Hoodies and new Swim Glidebait jerkbaits in limited 3D Headlight colors. Additionally, the series of RawBite wobblers is now available in the size of 7cm 12g, and the Magic Minnow Jig series of sea lures has been enlarged by the lures of 10cm 12g.

3D Headlight Limited Edition

New size 7cm 12g

New size 10cm 12g

The Mepps spinner offer has been expanded by several new sizes. The Aglia Pompon series has been expanded with new sizes in golden color.

new sizes in golden color

new size #5

new color in size #3

For carp anglers we have new weights from Fox for pop-up balls and a mussel meal for protein balls from Massive Baits.


Mivardi chairs and beds

R-Series 1-Man XL Khaki Bivvy

Dynamite Baits products

Spinmad lures

Sakura lures

Dorado lures

Special prices

Daiwa Crossfire Eel 2.70m 30-95g

for 34.48 Eur

Garmin Fishfinder

price from 186.21 Eur

Pole Roller Team Mivardi II

for 45.75 Eur

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka