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Taps, Lucky John and Microbait Lures

New products

We start this fishing newsletter with the latest 4 series of Taps lure. Flash series are recommended for asp, pike and perch.


Taps Flash-D

Taps Flash-C

Taps Flash-A

Taps Flash-B

From Lucky John we have three new series of lures and a new 5 inch size of 3D Slick Shad-V soft baits.

Hard Lures Shad Craft

Hard Lures Shady Crank

Hard Lures Saiko 35F ATG

Soft baits 3D Slick Shad-V

From Westin we have the W3 PowerTeez spinning rods, which are designed for jigging with soft lures.

In the latest Fish Arrow delivery we received a new series of soft baits and new colors in the Fisit Nude series by brand Tict.

Soft baits Flash-J Shad Plus SW

new series

Soft baits Fisit Nude

new colors

From Microbait we have 5 new colors of wasp lures.

From Molix we have new small sizes of the Nano Jig (7g and 9g) and new colors of the RA Shad soft baits.


Skirted Jigs Nano Jig

Soft baits RA Shad

We have expanded offer of Cheburashka spinning weights for smaller packages containing 3 pieces of these products.


products Rapala

Lures Manyfik

Lures Sakura

products Massive Baits

products Star Baits

Hard lures Hunter

Special prices

Reels Quantum Cabo CSP120PTsE

for 176.14 Eur

Soft baits Dragon Viper Pro

Price from 3.41 Eur, different colors and sizes

Soft baits Dragon Phantail Pro

Price from 1.02 Eur, different colors and sizes

More special prices can be found on the following page.
Products with special prices are available in limited quantities.

Sebastian Bilka