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Kenart lures

Kenart Sneck Shallow

Kenart Sneck Shallow
New 2024!
Prices from 7.74 €

Kenart Winner Pro DR

Prices from 5.00 €

Kenart Hard lures Troll

A new lure by Kenart that works great in trolling. A very in...
Prices from 6.79 €

Kenart Hard Lures Skim

Hard Lures Kenart Skim are dedicated to anglers hunting for...
Prices from 8.57 €

Kenart Hard Lures Glimmer Plus

Kenart Glimmer plus lure for pike and zander twitching. It i...
Prices from 7.26 €

Kenart Lures Glimmer

Glimmer is a flash and this is how you can describe our new...
Prices from 7.74 €

Kenart Hard Lures Falcon Shallow

A universal lure with a wide range of uses, now in a version...
Prices from 4.62 €

Kenart Lures Master

The Kenart Master lipless lure is mainly intended for asp bu...
Prices from 5.00 €

Kenart Hard Lures Phoenix

The basic purpose of the wobbler Kenart Phoenix is light tro...
Prices from 4.71 €

Kenart Hard Lures Sneck SDR

New Sneck is a lure designed for trolling. Agresseve action...
Prices from 7.26 €

Kenart Hard Lures Dynamic Plus

A larger version of our popular sea trout wobbler Dynamic. A...
Prices from 7.74 €

Kenart Jerkbaits Bass Jerk

Bass Jerk is a great lure a fantastic sways from side to sid...
Prices from 7.74 €

Kenart Hard Lures Spike

Thin, neat 5 cm Spike. Kenart Spike are the perfect trout h...
Prices from 4.33 €

Kenart Hard Lures Pill

Small but relatively heavy Pill, for lovers of light spinnin...
Prices from 4.76 €

Kenart Flash

The FLASH is a typical asp lure and the first lure of this t...
Prices from 6.79 €

Kenart Winner

Winner – Classic bleak wobbler recommended mainly for stream...
Prices from 4.76 €

Kenart Lures Sneck

Sneck 7cm are two typical deep runners. Excellent for trolli...
Prices from 4.76 €

Kenart Pike Lures

Pike 12 and 9 cm is outstandingly a pike wobbler. An accurat...
Prices from 4.71 €

Kenart Hard Lures Lucky & Lucky+

Lucky – available in sinking and swimming versions. Applicat...
Prices from 3.05 €

Kenart Hard Lures Hunter

Such wobbler lacked up to now in our offer. It is created fo...
Prices from 4.76 €

Kenart Hard Lures Fox

Wobbler mainly destined for trout and salmon. It is 6 cm len...
Prices from 4.33 €

Kenart Hard Lures Fighter

Fighter – New, successful imitation of bleak, recommended ma...
Prices from 4.29 €

Kenart Lures Dynamic

Trout wobblers based on shapes tested in Pomeranian rivers....
Prices from 4.76 €

Kenart Lures Diver

Diver is an item proposed to light spin-casting lovers. It i...
Prices from 4.76 €

Kenart Hard Lures Bass

Bass is a model for shallow pike fisheries. Its action consi...
Prices from 5.00 €

Kenart Jerkbaits Dancer

Dancer belongs to a jerkbait family, it is a typical glider....
Prices from 7.74 €

Kenart Lures Shark

Shark is a wobbler replacing our old Diver 5. It has a unive...
Prices from 4.76 €

Kenart Lures Winner Pro

Diving depth: 0,5 - 1,5m
Prices from 4.64 €

Kenart Polish lures

Made in Poland. Kenart lures are produced in Poland, because we have specialized in the production of this type of bait since 2002.
The Kenart company was born out of a beloved passion which is fishing. The first produced wobblers were made for trout - our favorite fish. Over time, the company's offer has been enriched with great models for almost every freshwater fish.
Kenart wobblers are gaining more and more popularity among anglers, both in Poland and abroad. Our lures are used by both those who are starting their fishing adventure and experienced anglers who have many specimens. We are constantly improving our lures and we are constantly working on new products.
Each wobbler, before it is put into production, is subjected to painstaking tests so that anglers can get a good wobbler. The main assumption of our company is to combine a high-quality product with an affordable price. We know that this is a banal advertising slogan of many companies, but it is certainly true in the case of Kenart.
We offer a wide range of lures, which we invite you to read.