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Lukris fishing spinners

Lukris Spinners Lukris - ORY

Jaxon Lukris Spinner Baits A rich collection of perfectly ba...
Prices from 2.64 €

Lukris Spinners Lukris - ORION

Spinners Lukris - ORION Bait with the most popular among an...
Prices from 2.78 €

Lukris Spinners Lukris - Spark

Perfectly balanced spinner baits with “Long” type blade. Spa...
Prices from 2.45 €

Lukris Spinners Lukris - Reder

All-round spinner baits with wide blade action well attracti...
Prices from 2.45 €

Lukris Spinners Lukris - POPPER

Heavy weighted spinner baits for fishing in deeper waters. E...
Prices from 3.81 €

Lukris Spinners Lukris - MINI

Superb bait for perch, chub and ide. Spinners Lukris - MINI...
Prices from 2.54 €

Lukris Spinners Lukris - ASON

Weighted body spinner baits with “Long” type blade, recommen...
Prices from 2.16 €

Lukris Spinners Alaska

Large, heavy weighted spinner baits. Very good bait for pik...
Prices from 6.00 €

Lukris - excellent fishing spinners

Founded in 1961, with almost 50 years of experience in the fishing tackle sector, LUKRIS is a family company located in the North of Spain, in the middle of the Cantabrian coast, surrounded by rivers and lakes which makes an authentic paradise for keen anglers, has left a significant mark in the market of the artificial bait.
We can assure, and we are very proud of it, that we are one of the few manufacturers which use exclusively European raw material and whose production process, assembly and packaging is carried out completely in our country. Relating to our workforce, we speak about professionals with large experience and qualification in each process, what allows us a continuous improvement of quality and a great after-sales service.