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Cortland Braided lines Master Braid
New 2021!
Cortland Master Braid is the most consistently performing su...
Prices from 17.11 €
Prices from 15.56 €
The well-known and popular Tournament 8 Braid has been furth...
Prices from 30.67 €
– professional sea jigging braid – 8X construction – speci...
Prices from 71.33 €
The new J-Braid from DAIWA is an exceptional fishing line, w...
Prices from 17.33 €
- Heavy Core II PE Technology - High Abrasion Resistance -...
Prices from 15.56 €
Snaps for fishing with heavy sea bait, pilkers. Very strong,...
Prices from 1.89 €
Prices from 3.56 €
Prices from 2.18 €
Bringing a fish to the table is one of the joys of fishing....
Prices from 22.22 €
Available two models of scrapers to fish.
Prices from 5.11 €
120 centimeters fluocarbon with Dragon Spinn Lock snaps with...
Prices from 2.31 €
- PVC Tarpaulin material; durable, waterproof, maintenance f...
Prices from 9.89 €
Hip/Sea belts designed for posture stabilisation in the cour...
Prices from 10.11 €
For creating rigs. Fluorescent.
Prices from 2.49 €
Practical line-counter with a high impact and salt water res...
Prices from 16.00 €
DAM Rods Imax Tele Surf
New 2022!
Ever fished a telescopic rod that brings superb power, long-...
Prices from 58.00 €
DAM Rods Imax Surf
New 2022!
Looking for a long-term saltwater rod partner who you can re...
Prices from 90.89 €
Jaxon Rods Tenesa Tele Strong
New 2021!
Prices from 22.22 €
Jaxon Rods Eclatis Surf
New 2021!
Prices from 30.44 €
Penn Surfcasting Set Wrath Surfcast Combo
New 2021!
The PENN Wrath Surfcast 14 ft 170g combo features a great Wr...
Prices from 145.11 €
Penn Rods Wrath Surfcast
New 2021!
The PENN Wrath Surf 14 ft 170g is the ultimate surfcasting r...
Prices from 82.89 €
Penn Rods Prevail II Beach
New 2021!
The PENN Prevail Beach rod is a rod that is especially desig...
Prices from 107.78 €
Penn Rods Prevail II Surf
New 2021!
The PENN Prevail Surf rods are two modern surfcasting rods t...
Prices from 107.78 €
Penn Rods Overseas XT Surf
New 2021!
The PENN Overseas rod range is a brand new range that includ...
Prices from 273.56 €
Aqua-X Surf is three-piece surf rods especially designed for...
Prices from 32.00 €
For the Seahunter Surf rods our engineers succeeded in devel...
Prices from 79.78 €
• 24T Carbon construction • Visual orange top tip section...
Prices from 87.78 €
Offering exceptional value for money, the PENN Squadron II C...
Prices from 95.33 €
Observing growing popularity of beach fishing and bigger exp...
Prices from 96.67 €
Partridge of Redditch
Modified O`Shaughnessy bend, forged for added strength - The...
Prices from 4.33 €
Prices from 3.67 €
We are taking care of small details like sharpeness of hooks...
Prices from 5.56 €
Offshore hook. Straight eye, Heavy wire, Long Shank, Forget...
Prices from 2.00 €
FMFly 302S fly hooks are a very strong model designed for ty...
Prices from 2.20 €
Saltwater resist - This pattern has been well proven for the...
Prices from 1.69 €