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Regal fly tying vises

Regal Vise is a small family-owned business in the tiny little hill town of Orange, Massachusetts. Don Barnes, the owner of Regal Vise, acquired the company back in 2004 from a good friend who was ready to retire. Don saw the potential of the business and jumped at the opportunity. He knew that with his knowledge of manufacturing and the fly-fishing industry, that he could take things to the next level. Through a lot of hard work, shaking hands at fly-tying shows, word-of-mouth advertising, and making a few updates to an already great product, the company started to grow. In 2008, Don’s daughter Cassie joined the Regal team. She now manages the office and is in charge of customer care.
When you purchase a Regal Vise, it’s like you are joining the family. You are supporting a small business and letting us continue to do what we love – working together to provide a quality product and quality customer care. We thank you all from the bottom of our hearts for allowing us to continue to create these amazing vises.